MOMS Club® of Clifton Park is a busy and active group - there are an average of 6-8 activities every week!  You choose the events that work for you and your schedule.  All of our activities are optional.  No minimum attendance is required, but we do encourage involvement.  You will get as much out of the club as you put into it.  We understand that being an at-home mom can mean a financial sacrifice for your family, which is why the majority of our activities are either free or very low cost.  Each of our activities are hosted by a volunteer coordinator (one of our moms).


   Every month there are several no-cost and low-cost activities planned for moms and their children.   Outings may include meeting at a playground, indoor play area, apple picking, science museum  or a tour of a local fire station for examples. 

Club Connection
   Once a month, we all get together to go over club business, service projects, fundraisers for the community, and other topics that have come up.   Children are always welcome and the club supplies snacks. Anyone who is interested in our chapter is welcome to come to a meeting

Family Parties

   Several times a year we have a seasonal party for families.  In the fall we host a Halloween party complete with costumes and trick-or-treating.    Summertime brings a family picnic and BBQ.  All parties include delicious snacks, seasonal crafts and fun games.  It's a great time for Moms and Dads to get to know each other and the kids to have lots of fun!

Stroller Moms
   Moms meet at local parks and get some exercise in while chatting with other moms!


 Play Groups

   Our current groups are broken down by age and generally meet at a member’s home or at a park or other activity when the weather permits.  Siblings are always welcome.  Although the purpose of a play date is to get the kids together to play, most moms will tell you that playgroups are as much for them and some days more, than for the kids.

Infants (0 - 12M)
   Activities designed for babies to help them develop their neck, back, and shoulder muscles needed to meet child development milestones.  These activities are held at either a mom's home or other baby-friendly locations.

Toddlers (12M -2.5YRS)
   Activities designed for the active baby transitioning to an active toddler.  These activities are held either in a mom's home or other active baby-friendly location.

Busy Bees (18mo - 3 yrs)
  For the active toddler; usually held at a local park or place where the kids can run around and play.

Big Kids (3 - 5 yrs)
  For the bigger kids; typically held at a local park or place older kids will enjoy.

Kids of all ages are welcome !

For Moms

JUMP- Just Us Moms Playing
   Daytime outings for just us moms where we chat, have a laugh, and get to know each other better without our children.  Mothers with non walking children are welcome to attend these events.

Moms Night Out // Moms Night In
   This is a fun night out and a chance for the moms to get together!  It's a great time to get to know other moms and enjoy adult conversation.  Some of our past Moms' Night Outs include dinner, BUNCO, pedicures, movies, board/card games, and much more. Any ideas for a Moms' Night are welcome! 

Sunshine Committee
  It could be meal delivery for the whole family when moms need it most, such as the birth of a baby or family crisis, as well as supporting our members in other ways like checking in with personal phone calls or sending flowers or cards for a loss of a family member to list just a few examples.  Any member in need of anything from the club is encouraged to reach out for support.  That's what we're here for!

Cooking Club/ Freezer Meal Swap 
 Our moms get together once a month to share a dish they've made along with the recipe (potluck style).  
We have also started doing a Freezer Meal Swap, where we make 'x' amount of the same dish, freeze them, then on a chosen day we meet and swap our meals with the 'x' amount of other moms who signed up for the swap.  It's wonderful having the freezer stocked with a variety of home made meals!

Book/Article Club
  Do you enjoy reading?  Then the Book Club is perfect for you!  This club gives us a chance to read current books for pleasure and talk about something other than being mommies.  Once a month, we get together to discuss the latest book we've read.