MOMS Club® of Clifton Park is a busy and active group - there are an average of 6-8 activities every week!  You choose the events that work for you and your schedule.  All of our activities are optional.  No minimum attendance is required, but we do encourage involvement.  You will get as much out of the club as you put into it.  We understand that being an at-home mom can mean a financial sacrifice for your family, which is why the majority of our activities are either free or very low cost.  Each of our activities are hosted by a volunteer coordinator (one of our moms). 


Every month there are several no-cost and low-cost activities planned for moms and their children.  Events may include park/playground, child-friendly hikes, indoor play place, educational events,  stroller walking, family events, mom at home hosted events, etc.

Club Connection
Once a month, we all get together to go over club business, service projects, fundraisers for the community, and other topics that have come up.   Children are always welcome and the club supplies snacks. Anyone who is interested in our chapter is welcome to come to a meeting. It is hosted at King of Kings Church in Clifton Park the second Wednesday of every month from 9:30am - 11am. 

Family Parties
Several times throughout the year we host parties for the whole family. They typically include; a Halloween party, summer picnic, Easter egg hunt.  All parties include food, crafts, and fun games.  It's a great time for Moms and Dads to get to know each other and the kids to have lots of fun!

Stroller Moms
Moms meet at local parks or at the mall during cold weather months and get some exercise  in while chatting with other moms!

At Home Hosted Events
Moms host some really cool events at their home! We have had snow painting, gingerbread house making, make-n-take freezer meals, parachute play, etc.



Every month we try to offer 1 educational event. They have included: several local tours - police station, Halfmoon EMS, CP firehouse, a llama farm, maple syrup making, CP library, post office, Benson's Pet Center, animal shelter, visiting retired race horses at Friends at Old Cabin Creek etc

Clifton Park Firehouse
Children were able to try on fire jackets and helmets, take a tour through the fire truck and even go for a short ride. 

Ballston Spa Police Station
Children were able to learn and pet about a police dog, do finger printing, see how a drone works, try on shields, vests, and helmets, sit on a police snowmobile, and sit in police cars. 

Llama Farm
Children were able to feed, brush, walk, pet and learn all about llamas!

Halfmoon EMS
Children were able to walk through an ambulance, sit in the driver seat, and see some really cool supplies they keep on the ambulance. 

Benson's Pet Center
Children were able to tour one of own local pet stores. They brought out animals for the children to pet and saw a talking parrot.


JUMP- Just Us Moms Playing
Daytime outings for just us moms where we chat, have a laugh, and get to know each other better. Children are always welcome to all moms functions, but most moms choose to not bring their children.

Moms Night Out / Moms Night In
This is a fun night out and a chance for the moms to get together!  It's a great time to get to know other moms and enjoy adult conversation.  Some of our past Moms' Night Outs include dinner, BUNCO, pedicures, movies, board/card games, paint night, and much more. 

Sunshine Committee
  It could be meal delivery for the whole family when moms need it most, such as the birth of a baby or family crisis, as well as supporting our members in other ways like checking in with personal phone calls or sending flowers or cards for a loss of a family member to list just a few examples.  Any member in need of anything from the club is encouraged to reach out for support.  That's what we're here for!

Craft Club
Our moms get together once a month their love for crafts. Everyone brings their own crafts to work on whether it is scrap-booking, quilting, sewing, Circuit, etc. Sometimes moms decide to do a group project such as carseat ponchos. It also a chance to learn new skills usually moms are very happy to share their knowledge of their craft skill. 

Book Club
Do you enjoy reading?  Than the Book Club is perfect for you!  This club gives us a chance to read books for pleasure and have fruitful discussions about the books. Moms usually meet at a restaurant so its also a nice time to get out and eat something other than your own cooking.