Member Stories


A few of our members wanted to share the great experiences they have had with the MOMS Club®.

"I am so grateful that I found the Clifton Park MOMS club!  My aunt was a member when her kids were little and she was the one who pushed me to look into it!  Going from working two jobs and being in school to being a working mom and then a stay at home mom was a fast and hard change!  Not to mention we also relocated to New York from Massachusetts during this time.  Thanks to the MOMs club I found support, understanding, and friends for my daughter and I.   I encourage every mom to join a MOMs club!"

-L.D.-Mother of 1, member since 2015 -Newsletter and Events Coordinator

"I'm a mommy of 1 (so far). My son is 10 1/2 months old and we joined September 2015, when he was only 3weeks!  I joined because I was looking for a great group of supportive and fun mommies in the area to start new and long lasting friendships with and so far, so good!"

K.R. - Mother of 1, member since 2015

"When I became a Stay at Home Mom to my older son I was a woman adrift with little idea how to make “Mom” friends. Where would I find the elusive Moms who wanted to be friends? The gym? Library? Parks? How do I even make friends? Finally I searched online for Moms groups in Clifton Park and thank goodness I found the Moms Club!

When I joined in 2014 there was a great group of infant moms with a mix of some with older children. These women and many more I've met in the club have made me the mom I am today.  I love these ladies like sisters and their children are great friends to my own children. If I hadn't found the Moms Club when I did I would still be adrift and clueless."

R.B.- Mother of 2,  member since 2014

"I have a unique membership, in that I work part-time (3 days/week), and spend the other days at home with my daughter. I identify with both working moms and stay-at-home moms. My experience with Mom's club over the past year has been wonderful. Although I can mostly only attend playgroups, due to my schedule, I have made many strong friendships with other moms in the group, and I feel my daughter has benefited from the socialization and playtime. I am now pregnant with my second child, and hope to have the opportunity to be staying home with both children full-time. I look forward to becoming more involved in Mom's club as I enter this new chapter of being a mother of two."

--mother of 1, member since 2009

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